• Garjia Mata Temple

    An ancient temple of Garjia Devi is situated on the way to Dikhala from Ramnagar. Garjia Devi temple is situated on a huge rock in the midst of river Kosi. A large fair is held here on Karthik Purnima. It's a small boondock named after "Garjiya Devi Temple". The temple here is sacred place of pilgrimage or devi ka mandir (temple of Goddess) built over a mammoth rock in the centre of Kosi River.

    A daily worship is offered to the temple goddess who is believed to protect her followers of all bad omens. A unique belief of the locals residing here is that the temple never submerges even during heavy floods, and is supposed to have existed for years without being effected. The sanctum sanctorum showcases its best during Kartik Poornima Fair, held once a year.